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Your partner to develop Corrugated Plastic Packaging Solutions with the best cost-benefit ratio and excellent service


Plástico Corrugado é uma chapa com estrutura alveolar, formada por duas lâminas planas e paralelas, unidas por meio de nervuras longitudinais.

Sua principal resina é o Polipropileno, 100% Reciclável e Reutilizável, que através do processo de Extrusão, forma  uma chapa de corpo único com características especiais e exclusivas, conferindo aos produtos Resistência, Leveza, Versatilidade, Impermeabilidade, Atoxidade, Durabilidade, Flexibilidade e Beleza.

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Pallet Sleeves

The most recent novelty in Cartonale's product line are the reusable, returnable and collapsible pallet sleeves, produced with up to 12 mm thickness and 3 kg/m2.

It is the ideal system for palletizing and transporting products in process or finished. Its characteristics and benefits follow along with traditional materials such as wood and cardboard.

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Visual communication

The consumer market for your company can be expanded through Corrugated Plastic, which has innovative applications in POS material and Visual Communication.

  • Ease of cutting, bending and assembly

  • Silkscreen or digital printing

  • Lightness, resistance and robustness

  • Unchangeable over time

  • Immune to heat and humidity

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Boxes and Separators

Gather your objects in one place.

With the Corrugated PP Organizing Box you will organize your collections and you can even take the box wherever you want.


With its plastic handle and pressure closure system, assembly is quick and easy. It can be stored anywhere easily and without taking up space. Ideal for storing, storing and transporting your objects

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Technical Sheets

Customized solutions for Technical Sheets in Corrugated Plastic

  • Waterproof

  • apolar

  • 100% recycled / reusable

  • Durability

  • custom designs

  • Versatility

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