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Integrated Management System

CARTONALE has developed an Integrated Management System in order to continuously seek the improvement of its operational processes, with the purpose of meeting the needs of all parties with whom we relate as a company. For this we have:

  • QMS (Quality Management System)

  • EMS (Environmental Management System)

  • OHS (Occupational Safety and Health System)

  • SRMS (Social Responsibility Management System)

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Quality (QMS)

Ensure customer satisfaction through the development of creative and sustainable solutions, ensuring the quality of products and services through:

  • Continuous improvement of processes

  • Permanent search for technological innovations

  • Development of the competence of employees

  • Partnership with suppliers


Environment (EMS)

Establish standards and processes for management, control and treatment of waste generated as a result of our activities.

​In addition, ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements and reduce the use of resources needed in production, resulting in a decrease in the environmental impacts of our


Occupational Safety and Health (OHS)

Preserve the health and safety of human beings through safe behavior and management of hazards and potential risks identified in our processes.


Our goal is, in addition to ensuring compliance with the requirements of current legislation, to also seek to apply all available tools to prevent accidents

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Social Responsibility (SGMS)

Ensure compliance with the requirements of the applicable legislation in force, together with the application of our code of ethics in our operation. In addition, developing joint work with the society with which we have a relationship, extending our commitment already assumed with our employees in order to be able to positively impact everything around us

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