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Self-Stacking Boxes

Ideal in the reverse logistics system, self-stacking boxes can be used to make any type of packaging.

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Their malleability in the process allows them to be transformed into various shapes and sizes and can be applied to replace conventional packagings such as wood, iron, injected plastic boxes, and cardboard.

We have exclusive technologies in profiles and angles, which facilitate stacking and transportation by providing greater structuring of boxes and comfort in internal movement.

  • Service life greater than 80 cycles

  • Durability far superior to cardboard boxes

  • It does not absorb moisture or produce dust 

  • It ensures stacking regardless of product size 

  • Optimization of freight cost and greater transport safety

  • Customized dimensions

  • Low cost of tools

  • It allows silk screen printing

  • Better use of internal spaces

  • 100% reusable and recyclable

  • Light and resistant


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