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Mission, Vision, and Values


Produce innovative Corrugated Plastic solutions that meet the needs and expectations of our customers


Maintain the leading position in the market through pioneering research, development, and launch of new products, services, and sustainable solutions in corrugated plastic


It is very important to note that Cartonale condemns any type of discrimination based on sex, color, race, disability, or sexual orientation. Our commitment is to ensure that the rights of all are preserved and that we can thus contribute to a better and more inclusive society


“Live them, Work them, and Apply them every day”

  • Credibility – Be transparent, clear, and objective with the strategic audience

  • Commitment – Be proactive before CARTONALE's objectives

  • Integrity – Dedicate yourself completely. Act ethically, consistently, and professionally

  • Respect for the Environment – Adopt ethical attitudes and practices that aim at economic growth without harming the environment;

  • Creativity – Participation of all in the search for the new

  • Ethics – Moral values and principles that guide human conduct in society

  • Mutual respect – Understand the other's point of view, even if it is not following their theoretical principle

  • Teamwork – Add efforts to achieve the established objectives

  • Honor – Comply strictly with CARTONALE's ethical values;

  • Discipline – Respect the defined procedures, have common sense and organization

  • Order and cleanliness – Maintain order and cleanliness

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