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We are a company focused on the development of new technologies and raw materials that increase the efficiency of our production processes, not only in terms of production but also in the best use of natural resources, thus minimizing social and environmental impacts

Use of Clean Energy – Carbon Neutral in Energy Consumption

Trinity Energias Renováveis, through this certificate, recognizes that CARTONALE reduced its carbon footprint by 100% from the consumption of 16,169.148 MWh of electricity, through the acquisition of renewable energy from sources encouraged by the government (wind, solar, Biomass, PCH and CGH).


CARTONALE reduced the emission of 1,406.18 tCO2e in the environment, proportional to its consumption of 16,169.15 MWh of electricity. This amount is equivalent to planting 9,843 trees in a reforestation project. The methodology developed by Trinity Energia adheres to that used by the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program, the main national program for qualifying GHG emissions, and is compatible with the quantification methodologies of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)


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Clean Energy

We offer sustainable solutions for our customers, since Polypropylene is 100% recyclable and can be used to replace various other substrates, such as cardboard, PVC, wood, iron, steel, among others, materials that are known to generate much more environmental impacts. in the emission of gases, effluents and use of water in its manufacturing processes.

We understand that every investment made in favor of Sustainability reflects and will increasingly reflect on the company's operating results. This is a commitment assumed by Cartonale, which has this issue as a fundamental pillar within its Strategic Planning, reflected in ESG and corporate governance goals

It is very important to point out that Cartonale condemns any type of discrimination based on gender, color, race, disability or sexual orientation. Our commitment is to ensure that everyone's rights are preserved and that we can, in this way, contribute to a better and more inclusive society

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Cartonale Recover

Cartonale Recycle

Cartonale Reuse

Cartonale understands that commitment to save the planet and future generations is an immediate responsibility of all of us

With this commitment, Cartonale offers to its customers the 3R Project, which consists in developing and supplying a returnable package and when this package has completed its useful life, with at least 10 times more cycles than an equivalent cardboard box, we buy them back and take care of recycling and/or reuse within our manufacturing process. In this way, this development becomes a Zero Environmental Impact Project, bringing benefits not only in the reduction of waste generated but also helping our customers in meeting their ESG Goals

Program 3R
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